Most people only know erotic massage from salons. In fact, it is even better if the partner gives her man an erotic massage. And it can be very exciting…

How is erotic massage actually done?

Although it may seem difficult to some, it is actually quite simple, and you only need your hands to do it. Hands are actually the main „tool“ for an erotic massage, which is sure to be successful. First of all, it would be great to light some candles for such a romantic impression and possibly play some music. Thanks to music, your partner can relax and let go of all the thoughts that are bothering him or what he is dealing with. Only you two are important now. And be aware that you will score 100% with your partner with an erotic massage, because you will not only do him good, but your bond will deepen a little more and you will be more connected to yourself.


How does an erotic massage actually work?

Try to take it in a completely different style. Erotic massage is performed without clothes, so try to undress your partner in a seductive way. And, of course, you can be naked too, or you can prepare some sexy underwear especially for an erotic massage, which your partner will definitely appreciate.


Peace and quiet!

The room should mainly have a great atmosphere and peace. During an erotic massage, you don`t even have to talk to your man, because you are connected to each other. And try to enjoy this moment of erotic massage. Next time, your partner can repay you and massage you again. It should be an unforgettable experience for both of you. And at the end of the erotic massage, there can be sex, and it will be even more pleasant than if there was none. The music will still be playing, the candles will be burning, and you will be in paradise… You will feel incredible love and, paradoxically, it will bring you even closer. I also give my partner an erotic massage.